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Learning Management Software to Boost Your Non-Dues Revenue and Member Engagement

UpAbility delivers video services for live events and a flexible learning management system that is easy to use for association staff and members. The LMS lets you deliver the quality continuing education your members want and need.

The UpAbility LMS gives you the power to do more with your resources.
Learn how to become the next association superhero!


Live Stream/Record

Live streaming gives your members instant access to your events while avoiding travel headaches and expenses. Video recording allows you to give your members on-demand access anytime from anywhere. Event coordinators and planners love our technical expertise and attention to detail that ensures a consistent and reliable live event and online experience.


Manage Content

We make it easier for your members to upgrade their skills and knowledge with the industry expertise they want and need. Our learning management system is simple to use for both your staff and your members. Our team trains yours personally to streamline the process from event to upload to member access.


Improve Member Engagement

Your association works hard to keep members engaged and flourishing. We help you repurpose and deliver valuable content to your members. With UpAbility your members will experience more value on their membership investment, and delighted members mean more referrals for your organization. Now that’s member engagement.

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What to watch out for in eLearning in 2018

February 1st, 2018

The beginning of the year is a time to look ahead to help build your plans for engaging members and boosting non-dues revenue; eLearning is one way to accomplish both of those goals.

eLearning Through online training, your organization motivates members to participate through certification, certificates and recognition. Because the information you offer through your continuing education program is so valuable, members will pay to access it, as will non-members in your industry. Your learning management system (LMS) allows you to charge members and non-members differently and to offer discounts. (more…)

Why an LMS is great for organizations with many young professionals

January 18th, 2018

young professionals graduate
We know a lot about millennials, a group that will by 2025 account for three quarters of the US workforce. The youngest millennials are now 18 years old, so either in college, in the workforce, or looking to join the workforce. Employers and associations must understand how this group of young professionals learns to offer what these workers are looking for in terms of professional development. You only get one chance when you sign up a millennial, so make sure to show them all the value you offer right away. (more…)