How branding your LMS benefits your association

Your association’s brand is important. It’s the shorthand that reminds your members of the services you offer, the feelings you inspire and the value you bring to the table. Branding isn’t just your logo, but is rather the look and feel of your members’ experiences with your organization. Since your learning management system (LMS) hopefully accounts for many of those experiences, you should consider branding your LMS.

Branding your LMSYou have worked hard to develop your brand, from determining your core values and making sure your staff embodies them to creating your website and designing recruitment materials. Consistency is key to maintain your brand. Whether members are talking with your recruitment director, attending your annual conference, or participating in a lunch and learn, their perceptions of the association will only grow more positive if they have the same great experiences every time. As another extension of your organization, your LMS must allow the brand’s look and feel to carry through.


Branding your LMSWhen you implement an LMS, you want it to fit seamlessly with your website and branding. That way, members know to expect and trust the same great content they are used to getting from your association, rather than having it look like it comes from a third party. Are members’ experiences casual or professional? Humorous or serious? Lecture style or Socratic seminar-style? Easy to navigate or complex? All these characteristics can come through when you’re branding your LMS.

White labelling your LMS means choosing a custom brand experience for your members. The platform is all about you and your content, so the fully customizable LMS gets the provider’s branding out of the way and lets you tailor the whole experience to give your members the consistent messaging they need to fully participate and engage with your content.

The whole experience of online learning through a fully customizable LMS feels “on brand” so your members build positive value perceptions of your association through your professional development courses. Members’ perceptions of your association grow the more interactions they have with all aspects of your organization, so make sure every interaction is positive. For instance, more adults than ever before access online learning from mobile devices, making it crucial to customize not only the desktop version of your website and LMS, but also your mobile versions.


You’ll find custom branding throughout the UpAbility platform. The LMS highlights the look and feel of your organization with your association’s colors and logos and a whole host of other custom items.

We know that branding your LMS is an important step in setting up your online learning platform. In our training with your staff, we’ll help you choose the color schemes and fonts and upload the images and logos that fit your association, so that when your members visit the LMS, they won’t even realize they’ve left your main site.

Moreover, the UpAbility LMS is designed for mobile, so members will have the same great experience with your content no matter what device they use to access it.