7 ways learning management systems breathe new life into associations

It can be easy to slip into a rut when you do the same events, mailings and e-newsletters over and over year after year. When that happens, you have to ask yourself and your team if you are really providing the best member experience. Neither the world nor your industry stay the same from year to year, so why should your association do so? Consider a learning management system.

But out of a rut with a learning management systemChange can be difficult and scary, but it also opens up your association to a whole new way of providing value to your members. One way to break up a rut is to examine how you currently provide learning opportunities. If you don’t use a learning management system, adopting one can breathe new life into your association in the following seven ways:
  1. Reconnects you with your mission.

Focusing on the execution of tasks can make you forget what you’re really doing in members’ lives. When you consider adopting a learning management system, you’ll need to dig down to see if it makes sense for your association. That means going back to your mission statement to get back on track with the spirit of what your association promises to do for its membership.

If your mission is steeped in making it easy for members to excel, providing learning opportunities has to be a key thread in everything your association does. By recommitting to the spirit of your mission, your team members will be able to once again see the bigger picture and derive satisfaction from their work.

  1. Gets you thinking about all the possibilities available to your association.
Join the global marketplace with a learning management system
Once you start thinking on a high level about the purpose of your association, that new perspective may jumpstart conversations about other ways you can fulfill your mission. Spent the past 20 years focused on facilitating networking to help your members help each other get ahead? Wonderful, but that isn’t the only way to help them attain their goals. Reached out to new members nationally in the past? Great, but your industry is worldwide, and we live in a global marketplace.

Getting a fresh start on a new project can bust your team out of the rut they’ve fallen into. When your organization decides to start up with a learning management system, you have numerous doors opened to you. You can put a new emphasis on your mission within your team by creating a video training series for your employees. You can highlight the ease of continuing education to your membership by creating webinars they can access anytime, anywhere, through any device. The sky is the limit with an LMS. If you can think of it, your learning management system provider should be able to help you accomplish it.

  1. Excites your team about what you can offer your members.
Better to give with learning management systems
“’Tis better to give than to receive.” People feel good about themselves whenever they are able to use their talents, influence or efforts to help others. Looking at the plethora of ways your association will be able to assist members through a learning management system, your team members will get excited about their roles in bringing these new benefits to your members.
  1. Prompts your team to talk about what members want.

When you look at all the options you have with a learning management systems, you may be overwhelmed. To focus your efforts, you’ll want to look at your membership to determine what is most important to those key stakeholders. You should already have an idea of what members have asked for, but this project allows you to return to what you know about your members to make sure your thoughts about what they want are up-to-date.

The world moves fast, and individuals move faster. It is important to get members’ wants right to sharpen your focus.

  1. Offers a natural time to ask for member feedback.

This time, while you’re exploring what a learning management system allows you to provide members and what members really want out of their membership, is a perfect occasion to elicit feedback from your members. That can include surveys, focus groups, emails and one-on-one conversations. Researching what your members want is the best way to reach a good outcome where they are as excited as your team is. In addition, getting more in tune with your members by putting faces to email addresses and names to data will help your team members feel their work has personal significance.

  1. Involves more Millennials.

As all association executives know, it is important to bring young professionals into your organization to keep up and add to your numbers for ensuring continuity. As older members retire and drop off membership rolls, younger members must take their places for the association to remain viable. What new methods can you use to make sure that happens? For one, you can attract millennials and Gen X-ers with a learning management system.

Millennial, Gen Xer looking at learning management system
Both generations are more likely than Baby Boomers to use mobile devices to stream video which is exactly what they can do with the webinars on your learning management system. Millennials have grown up hearing “work smarter, not harder” and having access to the internet most all the time, so they’ll want to use their downtime to get in their continuing education. The more Millennials interact with you, the more they will share your content. The more they share, the more prospects you have the opportunity to reach and convert into engaged, contributing members.


  1. Allows your content to bring in more non-dues revenue than ever before.

Association executives really have room to breathe when they don’t have to be focused on keeping their organizations in the black. A learning management systems allows you to charge for access to your content, such as live events you can capture and resell, white papers and blog posts you can expand into presentations and slide decks you can gather from your staff and members.

Before a learning management system, you spent hours and hours creating presentations only to use them once and then never benefit from them again. With a learning management system, you can keep getting use out of them and bring in non-dues revenue at the same time.