Five things you need to make sure your lms system can do

Association executives have enough to do. A learning management system should ease executives’ workloads by automating processes and making it easier for associations to accomplish their goals. As you search for an LMS system that will work for your organization, you need to keep in mind these five important things the platform needs to be able to do for you:

  1. Busy office worker needs lms systemAllow for easy course creation and editing. You don’t want to spend countless hours training your employees to use your LMS. Even if your provider offers live and in-person training, it’s still time taken away from your staff members accomplishing other tasks. That’s why it is so important that your LMS system be easy to use. Finding content you already own — see 4 ways to use an LMS for your association for ideas on what that may be — should be the most time consuming part of the journey toward building your library. Your LMS shouldn’t make uploading that content harder than it needs to be. The best providers make the upload the easiest part of the process.
  2. Provide full customization in terms of branding the platform to your organization. Just as your website is an extension of your organization, your LMS will also become an ambassador for your group. Your members will be accessing your LMS, and if their experience on the platform seems different than their experience with you in person and via your other online avenues, they may become confused. Your LMS should make it seamless for your members to transition among in-person events, your website and your training modules. With UpAbility, you can not only upload your own logo to the platform but completely brand the platform as your own.
  3. Take care of payments automatically via e-Commerce. A huge benefit of having an LMS is that it takes tasks off the plate of your staff members. Allowing members to pay for their training online makes it a hassle-free experience for not only all of your members, but also the staff members who would have otherwise had to take credit card information over the phone or sort through checks in the mail. Automating payments via e-Commerce is an excellent benefit that allows your organization to bring in non-dues revenue 24/7.Mobile device for lms system
  4. Respond to different devices so members can have mobile access. As of November 2016, Pew found that 77 percent of Americans own smartphones. More than half of US adults – 51 percent – have tablets, and not quite a quarter of them (22 percent) own e-readers. Your members can use any of these devices to access your content as long as your LMS is responsive to mobile. Considering the amount of time people spend with their phones — many of them grabbing their phone before doing anything else in the morning — your association will increase the likelihood of members purchasing and completing modules if they can use them not only at their desks or on their laptops, but also straight from their mobile devices.
  5. Track members’ progress toward accreditation. To many of your members, accreditation is paramount. You want to make it as simple as possible for them to attain the distinction, and allowing them to easily visualize where they are in the process will help members keep track of what they have accomplished and what they still have left to complete.

Your LMS needs to be able to provide these five important functions so your association enjoys the full benefits of the platform. If your current system does not allow for these elements, take a look at an UpAbility demo to see if our platform is right for you.