Select your plan based on the number of active users.

All plans come with our easy-to-use platform, customized branding and extraordinary customer service.

per month*
0-100 Active Users
per month*
101-250 Active Users
per month*
251-500 Active Users

Active users: Unique users who log into UpAbility during the month. Extra users are charged monthly. Overage charges are billed the month following the overage.

*Billed annually. If paid monthly, there is a 15% surcharge.

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All plans come with our easy-to-use platform, extraordinary customer service and a host of features, including:

  • eCommerce

    Built-in Payment Gateway with Product Discount and Coupons

  • Certification Management

    Custom Certificates and Template

  • Authoring Courses

    Online Course Builder

  • Testing

    Assessments and Certifications

  • Content Library

  • Registration Management

  • Performance Assessment

    Assessment Score Reporting

  • Coursework Grading

    Assessment Scoring

  • Assessment Tools Built-in

  • Custom Learning Vocabulary

    Custom CEU Labeling

  • Customizable Fields

  • Cloud-based Setup

  • Customizable Branding

  • Multi-Language

    Portal and Site

  • User account creation

  • Administration Dashboard

  • Authentication & Security

    Email Authentication, Custom Roles

  • Mobile Access

    Designed for Mobile

  • Notifications - Email

  • Online Learning

  • Course Catalog

  • Self-Registration

  • Learner Portal

    My Courses, Certificates, Profile Editor

  • Certification Tracking and Expiration Reminders

  • Multi-Lingual Courseware

    English and Spanish Courses

  • English and Spanish Courses

    English and Spanish Admin