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Resources to Help You Grow Your Membership Base

Engagement with your members is crucial to understanding what they and prospective members want and need from your association. The UpAbility team constantly surveys the latest research to provide you with best practices for connecting with your members.

Create resellable content

How Does My Live Event Become Resellable Content? A Case Study

When you repurpose your association’s content — i.e. turn seminars into podcasts, speeches into blog posts and live events into webinars — you save your organization resources. Maximizing time and money is essential for any association today, but until you understand the process, bringing in additional non-dues revenue through reuse of your live event might seem too difficult to attempt. (more…)

Bi-Monthly Live Demo

Interested in learning more about how UpAbility can make a difference for your organization? Our bi-monthly live demo gives you the chance to hear about key features and join in the discussion. You’ll get a high-level overview of what UpAbility can do and how it fits into association’s plans for professional development and non-dues revenue. Sign up for our next Thursday afternoon webinar HERE.

Gain Millennial members

Recruit and Retain Millennial Members Through Your LMS

How many Millennial members does your association have? Millennials make up one third of the workforce today, having surpassed Generation X in 2015 as the largest share of the US workforce. At the rate Baby Boomers are retiring, Millennials will make up 75 percent of the workforce in the country by 2025.

Does your association have a membership recruitment plan specifically to reach Millennials?

In this webinar, we uncover strategies and tactics for not only understanding and recruiting Millennials but also for retaining individuals in this age group as members.

Time-Saving Secrets That Help Association Executives Grow Non-dues Revenue

Time is your most valuable resource. You only have 24 hours to work with each day, and no amount of fundraising can add more.

Several tasks you perform every day fall under the category of time wasters, and those are the ones you want to find ways to cut out. In our free guide, you’ll learn six important secrets to not only save you and your members time, but also to grow your non-dues revenue.

5 Tips to a Killer Content Strategy with Event Live Streaming

Your live events represent an overlooked and untapped source of great content.

Unfortunately, not every member is able to attend every event. By utilizing live streaming at your events, you’re able to not only give those members a way to engage from afar, but also capture content for future use.

In this webinar, UpAbility’s own learning management expert Melanie Foursha uncovers five ways event live streaming will improve your content strategy, including how to:

  • Repurpose event content
  • Strategize the distribution of content
  • Engage both members and non-members
  • Create a content-based, non-dues revenue stream
Selecting an lms

The Ultimate Checklist for Selecting an LMS

A survey by the Brandon Hall Group found that organizations reported low satisfaction with their current systems, so selecting the right LMS provider is an important decision. UpAbility aims to help with this free checklist for determining the right LMS provider for your association. Save your association time and buyer’s remorse by selecting an LMS provider only after following the specific steps laid out in the e-book.

Live video streaming

3 Ways Your Association Can Boost Non-Dues Revenue & Member Engagement with Social Media’s Next Big Thing: Live Event Video Streaming

If your organization holds live events but fails to capture them via video and live streaming services, you’re likely leaving non-dues revenue on the table. Knowing that your members are already live streaming videos, UpAbility offers association executives a free guide to learn how to use live streaming to supercharge your events.